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Sound Off is what we say in the military when we
need to be loud, speak up, speak freely

The Frontline Generation is not a specific age group of individuals who are solely defined by post 9/11 military service. It is a call to action for the next greatest generation. Each and every one of us can live with purpose, live for each other, and lead.

And, today more than ever, we must embrace the resounding truth that war teaches every generationthe frontline is not a place. It is us. It is the person to your left and to your right, and this is in combat and here at home.

For speaking inquiries


Marjorie is a sought-after keynote speaker and panelist for Corporate Leadership Training, Universities, & Civic and Military Institutions. Inform and inspire your organizationevery age, every position, and at every level of responsibilityto serve, lead, and break boundaries.

The Frontline Generation Speaking Topics include:

Frontline Leadership
The Power of Service
The Value of Veterans in our Communities & Economy
  Women Out Front

"I have been listening to keynote speakers and presentations 44 weeks a year, for over 28 years. Today, I heard Marjorie, author of The Frontline Generation; a book about finding a way to serve, leadership and choosing how you will be defined.

Marjorie's presentation was among the best I have heard.
And, I'm already half way through the book
and it is an empowering read."

~ Executive Director Suzanne Buchanan, Rotary Club of Nashville

​National Speaker for Muster Across America Tour

Founded in 2014, Bunker Labs is a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military veterans as leaders in innovation.

Located in 17 cities across the country, each Bunker Labs Chapter host an annual gatheringa Musterto showcase veteran entrepreneurs and empower the local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management alumna Marjorie K. Eastman delivers an insightful perspective, rooted in her MBA teachings and rich with personal experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. Marjorie is a national voice and champion, describing why veterans and military family members offer an unmatched currency and are well-suited to succeed in business through compelling storytelling and research.

The Muster Across America Tour is a catalyzing event to stand up and strengthen this expanding network of military veterans, successful entrepreneurs, and the communities they serve.

​Prior Speaking Engagements

Council on Foreign Relations

PBS Veterans Coming Home Initiative

Fortune 500 Veteran & Leadership Groups
Women Leadership Organizations & Corporate Groups

Vanderbilt University & Others

Local, State, Regional & National Non-Profits

Further Examples of Organizations Include:
RedHat - Bank of America  -  AvalonBay - Nissan  - National Association of Women MBAs
Rotary Clubs - Urban Land Institute Women's Leadership Initiative
Military Officer Association of America (MOAA) - ROTC Programs - Department of Veteran Affairs

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