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 Limited Edition

7 ♦  In 2007, His Life Changed Forever

Post 9/11 Deck of 52

Back of the Card Design

Original and exclusive artistry, with inspiration from U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Richard Casper, 
Co-Founder of CreatiVets


In partnership with
creative Doug Cordes and
U.S. Army Veteran Marjorie K. Eastman

“That’s the power of art—people see what they want, or need, to see.”

Intertwined Ropes: Representing the two main conflicts, Iraq & Afghanistan

Helmets: Richard’s signature trademark, repeating pattern emulates the curve line known in military map symbology as a FLOT (Forward Line of Troops)

Star: 5 points for the five service branches, also triggering sentiment for the American flag and military traditions of blue and gold star families

Lines: Each horizontal represents a year in the ongoing Global War on Terror

Hourglass or Fields of Fire: Filled, timeless, different directions

Color: One color stands for less than 1% that have worn a uniform since 9/11

Center Circle with Propeller: Design inspiration from Bicycle's WWII Spotter Deck

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