This is the first book that defines the post 9/11 generation of service members.

The Frontline Generation

How We Served Post 9/11

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The Story of a T-shirt

I wanted to say thank you to the soldiers & other frontline leaders mentioned in the book, so I designed this first edition t-shirt as a gift. I had a few extra so I took them to my first book signing event - and they sold out! I bought more, and, they sold out too. So, I decided to partner with an expert in this area - founder and CEO, hard-charging, former drill sergeant, Dan Alarik of Grunt Style. I can't help but smile!     (You have to read Chapter 1 to appreciate that)

Grunt Style Limited Edition ~ I am the FRONTLINE

This t-shirt tells the world you can be counted on, because you said, “Count me in.” You serve(d). Are you a veteran, law enforcement, fire fighter, first responder, teacher, volunteer, or … ?

A portion of sales were donated to Catch a Lift in honor of Corporal Chris Coffland.

In-kind donations of books have been made to The Mission Continues and Women in Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA).

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