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2017 National Independent Publisher Book Award

It began as a personal memoir for her son. 
It became the first book to define post 9/11 service and leadership.

This is the first book that defines the post 9/11 generation of service members.
Be informed and inspired to
 live with purpose, live for each other, and lead.

I could not put this book down. The ‘frontline generation’ is the reason I agreed to serve in 2006 and stayed on in 2009. As I told the men and women that I visited at COPs and FOBs, I came to regard them as though they were my own sons and daughters. The most gratifying single thing to me from my service was learning how many felt I actually had their back—that I truly cared about them as individuals, and made decisions accordingly. I did. Marjorie’s similar caring about her troops comes through on every page.

Former Secretary of Defense, 2006-2011

“There is something new to be said—and yet, sometimes all too familiar—
about this generation’s character, sacrifice, and service.”

MARJORIE K. EASTMAN, The Frontline Generation


“This is not just a war story… Equal parts memoir, leadership guide, and social commentary - this book speaks to our generation of veterans the way that few do.”

This is the first book that defines the post 9/11 generation of service members.

“The leadership lessons learned in combat apply here at home: take care of the people to your left and to your right. You are the frontlines—no matter where or how you serve.”


It began as a personal memoir for her son. Reflecting one day on her ten years of post 9/11 military service, Marjorie K. Eastman wanted to capture the lessons and inspiration she’d learned serving beside men and women who represent the very best of what it means to be American: dedication to a job well done, selflessness, character, and a belief that one person can make a difference. And these servicemen and women represent just 1 percent of the American public.

This unfolds in the intentional progression of the narrative, which focuses on Eastman’s experiences first, then on those around her as she grows as a person and leader. As she writes, Eastman identifies the people of this post 9/11 era as the Frontline Generation for today, and notes it is an untapped reservoir of leaders—now back in our communities—who have been strengthened by the unique difficulties of post 9/11 service.

Eastman’s wartime journal entries further reveal frustrations, inspiration, joy, heartbreak, laughter, purpose, resolve, and the remarkable ways service members came together to solve problems and break boundaries well beyond the heartbreaking day of 9/11. She defines the legacy her Frontline Generation leaves on this country, and encourages readers to think about who they want to be, how they can make a difference, how they can make their lives count. Service is the key.

The compelling journey of Eastman’s time in uniform culminates in her final assignment, when she was responsible for the lives of over 100 troops—men and women—scattered throughout Eastern Afghanistan. Her first-person account of that time is a moving story from personal commitment to the conviction that service—no matter where or how—is the best path to success. She offers lessons on life, leadership, service, and the way for every person to find a role in them.

The Frontline Generation abounds with wisdom, compassion, and humor.

2019 U.S. Junior Chamber International Ten Outstanding Young Americans


2018 Mighty 25 Nation's Top Influencer Supporting the Military Community

Recommended Reading List for U.S. Army

Military Intelligence Center of Excellence Library & Museum


2017 National Independent Publisher Book Award

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