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2019 Bicycle Collectible
Post 9/11 Deck of 52

Marjorie K. Eastman
U.S. Army Veteran | Award-winning Author  Advocate & Innovation Champion

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OIF I, 2003, in Mesopotamia

“Be part of history, be part of a community."

I enlisted after 9/11, because of 9/11. I wanted to be part of my generation’s story. I would rise. By March of 2003, this newly trained U.S. Army Reservist was activated, and found herself in Mesopotamia with a Special Operations Task Force. One of my tasks, besides keeping the sandbags filled, was cutting, rubber-banding, and disseminating the Most Wanted Iraqi Deck.

Back home, I had no idea the Iraqi deck had gone viral.


My small part in this deck’s history was a sliver of my service story. I deployed again to Afghanistan, attended ramp ceremonies, continued to serve at home, and supported my husband through 17 combat tours. Eighteen years have passed since 9/11, and 16 years since I was covered with sand in “Mesopotamia” making a deck of cards.

Today, I have lived and I know my generation’s story all too well.

And I never imagined my path would be tied to another deck of cards.​..


My work in 2018, a weekly column about post 9/11 businesses and charities—where the attention grabbing visual was their logo on a playing card—was selected for the rare honor to become an actual deck of cards. And, none other than the best, most coveted playing cards in the world—a Bicycle Collectible!


So if you have the Iraqi Most Wanted Deck, your collection is incomplete unless you have the 2019 Limited Edition Bicycle Collector’s Item, the Post 9/11 Deck of 52.

Help me raise the tide, bridge the gap, and share the rest of the story.


You will not only learn about interesting and successful businesses and charities that could benefit you, but you will be inspired by these Frontline Leaders.

​​Share your cards & games on social media with #deckof52 #winninghand #frontlineleaders

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